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Cat Memorials

For special cats who are loved by special owners

The grief one feels when losing a beloved cat is no different than losing any of our loved ones. In memory of your beloved companion, you can make a gift that helps every cat, every day. For a donation of $100 or more, an EveryCat Health Foundation’s Remember Your Cat memorial commemorates your special bond of love while funding the research and treatment that enriches the lives of countless other cats around the world.


A loving friend. You will be sorely missed, little one.


In memory of Pixie. Who stole our mozzarella and our hearts. My lap and my life are empty without you. We had a good run, 11 years, 7 moves, 2 states, dozens of nicknames, and thousands of memories. The bread bandit lives on forever at the rainbow bridge.



How lucky we were to have someone who made saying goodbye so hard. You are so loved and missed, sweet girl. Thank you for all the joy you brought to our lives. – Mom, Dad, Freja, Erik, Grandma, & Grandpa



Tepi was a devoted, curious and very affectionate, ruddy Abyssinian.  He loved to be around people  and he was always ready for cuddles. His purr (a deep rumble) was always going because he just loved to be with people and especially with his mom and dad. He will be missed but will forever be in our hearts.


Wyatt was a Siberian Forest cat who was loved by everyone and brought great joy into our lives.



Fenn Odell

September 2017 – September 28, 2021


My beloved cat Fenn “Fenny” Banana-Bear Odell passed away after a brief but valiant battle with Feline Leukemia, which he had since birth.  I will love him forever and always, my little baby boy.


Carter Odell


I love you and I miss you.

Love, Becky


I love you and I miss you

Love, Becky


So, here’s to Moses, a playful and cuddly spiritual teacher, my joyful, wise soulmate! Independent but deeply caring, an incomparably magnetic feline, with loads of personality and a kind, good, big heart, Moses has always been a gluttonous, mischievous and insightful LOVE guru, that transformed everything. You’re pure magic, baby!

Mara Stylianou


Today I said goodbye to the best pet I ever had and ever will have. For the past 14 years she has brought such incredible joy and love into my life. She passed peacefully and quickly in my arms, purring loudly right up until the very last moment. From now on I will have to love her from afar.