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Cat Memorials

For special cats who are loved by special owners

The grief one feels when losing a beloved cat is no different than losing any of our loved ones. In memory of your beloved companion, you can make a gift that helps every cat, every day. For a donation of $100 or more, an EveryCat Health Foundation’s Remember Your Cat memorial commemorates your special bond of love while funding the research and treatment that enriches the lives of countless other cats around the world.

Kazakh’s In A Flash GC, RW

In memory of GC, RW Kazakh’s In A Flash, and all other departed Kazakh Russian Blues.

Diane Houck


In memory of Katie.

Cain Haley


Kassie, our most sociable and curious furry friend. HCM struck suddenly, and she was gone. Missed sorely by sister, Sasha, and by all of us, whose heart she stole.

Barbara, Jim and Mike Liese


JR was only with me for 13 short months but he changed my life forever. I cherish my memories and pictures of my sweet little boy. I miss him very much.

Karen Holbrook


Our little lion man, you filled our hearts with joy and made our family complete. We will love you always.

Jason, Rachael, and Belle


Jasmine lived a long and love-filled life but her time here was too short for all who loved her, especially her Mom, Patricia. She will be missed by all who knew her; she was truly a spectacular girl.

Shelly Ross


You are my best friend and I will always love you. Thank you for coming to live with me for eighteen wonderful years. Your daddy loves you Jake.

Steven A. Miller


I will always love and miss you Izzy! I will see you in heaven when I get there. Until then, I know you will be my little angel watching over me.

Jessica Dill


Indy, you took dog people and made us cat people. You were so good, we miss you tremendously. Can’t wait to see you again, Meo Man. Love you, Moms

Laurie Gacki

Indiancreek Summer of Asteroid, GRC, GRP, RW

A gift of friendship, a wonderful show cat, a sweet and gentle pet that is missed every day. Summer will always be remembered with love.

Roanna Elliott and Connie Hall