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Advancing feline health and education

Since 1968, EveryCat Health Foundation has helped to advance veterinary expertise and education in all areas of feline health through grant funding, scholarships and recognition of those individuals who strive to educate and inform cat lovers through various forms of media.




The Steve Dale EveryCat Health Foundation Communications Award is presented annually to a person or group that supports communication about cat health and/or behavior in traditional media and/or social media and/or podcasting and/or public speaking.

The award winner promotes and/or educates about cat health and/or behavior information to better the human-cat bond and cat welfare in outlets including but not limited to newspapers, magazines, online content, including blog posts and social media, and broadcast or other spoken media such as radio, podcasts, in-person speaking events, or social. Special consideration goes to those promoting cat health studies or results of studies funded by EveryCat.

Work will be judged by an expert panel based on the following criteria:
o Quality of the work
o Accuracy of the work
o Types and volume of work
o Support of EveryCat Health Foundation and messaging consistent with the EveryCat Health Foundation mission

EveryCat will make an effort to award the winner in person at an event such as the Annual Cat Writers’ Association Conference, a veterinary conference or a major cat show. If this isn’t practical in a given year or the recipient is unable to travel, EveryCat will present the award via a publicly shared Zoom call. Examples of the winner’s work may be shared on the EveryCat website.

Previous EveryCat Award winners are excluded from entering.

To nominate yourself or someone else for this award, click HERE.